Committed to Growth and Self-Discipline (aka – READING)

I have committed, along with a good friend, to regularly reading (and finishing!) good books.  I love acquiring good books, particularly ones that show promise in helping me grow in my walk with Christ and in my relationships with family and others.  Unfortunately, I often get no further than the first couple chapters (or even the front cover) before I set the book aside for a newer acquisition – or purely out of distraction.  Having the same pattern in his life, my buddy and I are setting forth on a new adventure together to read good books through to completion.  We will be reading Christian books of various kinds, classic literary works, and other books that we just happen to find appealing.  But with all this focus on books, I think it is touching something else in my life – something deeper.  It occurs to me that this is really about much more than reaching the back cover of a particular selection.  It is about self-discipline, a dedication to real personal growth, and persistence in staying focused on goals.  These are sometimes real struggles in my life – maybe you can relate.  And so I believe the impact of this reading journey will be much greater than becoming more widely read.  I expect to achieve greater self-discipline in other areas.  I anticipate becoming more focused on what matters and less distracted by things that don’t matter (TV, anyone?).  And I trust that in the process, I will be forging a strong friendship and brotherhood that will be a blessing to both of us and our households.

My encouragement to you – find out where you need to grow, find someone that is willing to grow with you, then do the work and rely on God every step of the way!

Click here (Three Year Reading Plan) for suggestions of some of the very best in Christian reading, according to a very distinguished panel of today’s top Christian leaders (as listed in David McKenna’s “How to Read a Christian Book.”) scottrade site down .

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