Well, maybe this isn’t the way YOU celebrate, but for brothers and friends who have all just aced the ring toss game at Lulu’s at the beach, this is how it’s done.  : )

Who shares in your celebrations of life?  What do you celebrate?  DO you celebrate?

Friend, if you struggle to answer these questions, I want to urge you to reach out to someone with whom you could share the celebrations which are so important to really living life.  Yes, my family and I are particularly blessed with having such dear friends who are truly family.  Maybe you haven’t been so fortunate.  I understand good friends don’t always come easily to everyone.  But good friends also don’t usually just fall out of trees.  We must reach out and share and experience life.  Take risks.  Invite.  Welcome.

And then… CELEBRATE!

Celebrating the blessings, joys, victories, and delights of life with friends and family is always time well spent.  What are you waiting for?  If there hasn’t been anything worth really celebrating in your own life lately, find out what good has been unfolding for those you care about.  In fact, that will probably do you even more good than sharing your own triumphs.  Okay, maybe no one you know has hit the Powerball lately.  But I’ll bet someone has overcome a daunting obstacle, finally achieved a life goal, reached an important milestone, won a game, or just beaten the pants off everyone at laser tag.

What are you waiting for?!!

p.s. – If you are looking for some good celebration food, I highly recommend Bluebell’s Southern Blackberry Cobbler and Southern Peach Cobbler ice creams.  OH.  MY.  GOODNESS.


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