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Five Reasons to Bring Me to Your Church, School, or Organization to Speak

Whatever your reasons, I know you are already considering seeking some kind of guidance or encouragement from me – you’re reading my blog post. So, I think it’s safe to assume you (and probably several others you know) could use some inspiration and direction. Given that, here are five reasons to consider bringing me to speak to you and your people in your church, school, or other organizational community.


Six Ways to Inspire Your Teen to Rise to a Higher Standard

As loving parents, we all want to see our kids thrive, succeed, and reach their best potential. As Christian parents, we want to see them doing seeking and depending on God to lead them on their best path, so their lives will make the greatest impact for His Kingdom. Giving our teens our best as parents means more than teaching them life skills and correcting them when they are out of line. We must also seize opportunities to inspire them. Here are six ways we can do just that.


5 Questions I Dare You To Ask Your Teen!

Asking good questions is a great way to build any relationship. It helps the questioner learn more about the other person, as well as communicating a certain level of genuine caring for that person. Why bother asking, if I don’t really care, right? In the spirit of opening important doors of conversation and facilitating a more powerful relationship between you and your teen, I have five questions to share with you.

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