Because he loves me!


As I begin writing this blog post at 4:05 Sunday afternoon, I would love to report I am just waking up from a long, restful nap.  You know the kind I mean.  A great morning of fellowship and worship and learning at church moved into a great lunch of food and more fellowship, which then moved into some playful time at home as a family, and then all became quiet and peaceful as the whole family drifted off into deep slumber for an hour or more.  Oh, man, those are great days!

But mine veered off into a different course right around the “quiet and peaceful” bit.  My wife got in a nice little nap while my son watched a view Mario Bros videos and I worked through some final preparations for a parenting workshop I will be sharing tomorrow evening.  My need for rest finally eclipsed my need for more preparation, and I laid down my books and papers, closed my eyes, and let the Sunday afternoon drift away into quiet…

Smack!  Smack!  “Dad.”  “Dad, it’s daytime!”  “Come on, Dad, get up.”  My son wanted me to get up, so I could take him to his friend’s house.  I talked with him for a bit, and then explained that we would not be going to his friend’s house today, as we have other plans for the afternoon and evening.  “But I want to go to Nick’s house!  That’s mean, Dad!  I’m gonna tell Mom on you!!!”  I told him to go right ahead with that plan, and let me know how it goes.

As I lay in bed, thankful for the possibility of just ten minutes of quiet rest, I could hear things heating up in the living room.  I couldn’t make out the words, but my son was clearly pleading his case with his Mom with increasing frustration and desperation, and my wife was calmly holding her ground.  I’m pretty sure my wife asked him why he wanted to go to Nick’s house so badly, because the next thing I heard was a pitiful wail of:

“Because he loves me!”

I think this struck me as blogworthy, because I could so relate.  Aren’t there times when it seems nothing is going the way you want, and in the midst of your frustration and despair, nothing seems so appealing as being in the presence of one who truly loves you?  It seems to me that  the main reason the Gospel of Christ is truly “Good News” is that He came to bring us into continual relationship with Himself, His Father, and His Spirit.  He is always with us – embracing and loving us.  Always.

Thanks for the reminder, son.  Next time, could you bring it before my Sunday naptime?

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