Oct 30 2012


One of the things I have learned over the last three months of working hard to get in better physical shape and fitness condition is the power of “suiting up and showing up.” (Thanks to my recovery community for that gem!)  Some days, I just ain’t feelin the workout.  Maybe you’ve been there.  Whether I’m feeling tired, sore, irritable, or just plain ole rebellious, sometimes I really struggle with getting moving into workout mode.  I have found one thing that has helped me get that workout in on tough days more than anything else.  And it’s so simple, it’s ridiculous!  Ready.  Write this down, cause it’s a game-changer…

I am ALWAYS more likely to workout if I am dressed in my workout gear.  So the most important thing is to PUT ON my funky clothes and workout shoes. That’s it.

This simple method hasn’t failed me yet.  Once I have put on my gear, I can get started.  Even if I’m not stoked about it.  And I may not always have a “kick-butt” workout.  But even a less than impressive performance of a P90X routine is better than playing with my iPhone on the recliner.  I’ll guarantee you that one!  And like good ole Tony Horton loves to remind me every day, you’ve just got to “Do your best…and forget the rest!”

I told you before I was not going to turn my blog into an exercise blog, and I am not going back on my word.  Here’s the deal: This lesson from the world of physical fitness is just as true for the rest of the “I’d rather not face them” challenges of life.  Got some important goal in life that is requiring you to face something you’d rather avoid?  It’s okay to not want to do it.  It’s okay to not feel like doing it.  It’s even okay to dislike doing it.  But if you want to reach that goal (even one as simple as keeping your job for another week), you’ve got to face this thing and get it done and behind you.  So quit trying to think all the way through the thing before you even start.  That’s probably what’s killing you!  Just show up at the starting point with whatever gear the task requires.  Once you show up prepared, you are much more likely to actually get started.  And once you get started, you are FAR more likely to get finished.  And once you are finished, you’ll feel much better about being done.  Bank on that.

Good ole Tony likes to ask, “What’s the best part about being done with a workout?”  He always answers it with “Recover Drink.”  I understand.  He’s gotta make money, just like the rest of us.  But his answer is dead wrong.  What’s the best part about being done with a workout (or other “dreaded” task)?…


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  • angie

    “Suit up and show up,” even, and especially when, you don’t want to, is a good parent’s motto. Yeah, it hurts sometimes, but the sacrifice is well worth it. Another great post.