Jun 30 2009

Tips for Media-Savvy Parenting

Thanks to David Dixon of Smart Parenting (via Twitter) for bringing this short, very practical article to my attention.  I have long encouraged parents to be very pro-active in engaging television and other electronic entertainment with their children.  In fact, this was the topic of my doctoral dissertation – long ago and far away.  I especially love the tip in this article about occasionally watching the TV with the sound turned off, to me more aware of what is being presented visually.  I would say the opposite might be an equally revealing and challenging exercise – listening to TV without watching the screen.

One response so far

  • Glenn Bernard

    I logged on to Smart Parenting, and left the following comment: “Good article, but a little dated: My grandson had a school buddy of his show him pics girls had forwarded to his I-Phone, of the girls posed naked. The MOBILE media has gotten the jump on at-home based internet traffic, and our children and grandchildren are right in the middle of it.”