Jun 18 2009

Now THIS is Reality Television!

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Okay folks, here is a serious slice of American adolescence today.  I haven’t seen the show yet, but guess what new series is running on MTV now?

“16 and Pregnant”

If you find this troubling in any way, I recommend reading the books by Ron Luce and Chap Clark posthaste, and practicing what they preach.  In no way am I throwing stones at these girls/moms, or MTV, for that matter.  I just find it heart-breaking how prevalent this situation has become.  I am so grateful to folks like Luce and Clark, who are serving God with all their hearts at the cutting edge of adolescent turmoil.  Let’s all do our best to be part of the solution.  And we may do well to start by watching this series.

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  • Melody

    Coming from a mom with two girls I welcome this kind of show. Finally a reality show that shows true consequences !.